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Jan 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
euros hole, i am smoking pot or move to speed or cocaine and i am robbing and stealing and all that stuff. do i rob to get money from all that stuff? >> guest: a lot of these are robbing to get money for food. c-span: would you do in your day? >> guest: my brother was a drug dealer in the neighborhood. and he was killed. c-span: what were the circumstances. >> guest: my brother was trying to make a change. he moved from virginia to north carolina and he was really trying to make a change. and he had been living in my uncle's home and next door there was a woman who had an abusive boyfriend and from time to time he would talk to her. and the boyfriend was basically jealous and said to stay away from his girlfriend. the boyfriend was defending her and eventually he was killed. c-span: what would you tell me -- and you interact with these kids at the university of maryland where you are doing this? >> well, when we were running a pilot program, i was a part of this team. it was important for me to see what was working and what wasn't. but also because i had such a passion for young peo
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
working on $4.6 billion in what is the budget of all the couple euros and the budget of all the baghdad euros to work? it is dwarfed by the pentagon message is pushing out, dwarfs -- c-span: do we know as americans, reading the american media or any video what actually has happened in iraq and afghanistan? >> guest: i think actually we do. the guys on the ground generally do a pretty good job and have done an amazing job in difficult circumstances to get the story and if you are reading "the new york times," "the washington post," "the new yorker," the times, "newsweek," "the wall street journal" you get a sense on not the editorial page but if you read their actual reporting you get a sense of what's going on there. c-span: what would you say to young person and again we talked about the earlier event, want to do what you have done? >> guest: buckle up. c-span: what does that mean? >> guest: i think -- it's funny when people talk about michael hastings and who's going to write the next dispatch? you can do that. he wrote about vietnam and the classic book that all war correspondents lo
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
time in the small town of toronto. my father was an academic who kept getting degrees and the euro monday when they got his phd in the two southwestern ohio for high school and college in minnesota. came to new york immediately had been there ever since. most of it and western. have a lot of minnesota team spirit and a father point back of his sister mother father were there. a lot of dna for minnesota. c-span: is marketing your big name? >> guest: yeah. c-span: what is yours? >> guest: panderer region in danish. c-span: what is your sense comes the similar background for vice president mondale, you know, he was there. >> guest: it really wanted to have an interview because i really wanted to reflect his point of view. josh and i were eager to hear him out on this. but i can't tell you because i never even got a chance. >> guest: you keep reading all these connections in this town and in this case, these folks are making millions and millions of dollars. why didn't anybody stop? >> guest: people try to solve it. there's a wonderful and go to an episode in the book for the cbo, cong
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3